Why I love Brutal Legend

–By Brendan

Let’s get nostalgic for a moment…

There was a time in my life — about 5 years ago — when I was a young kid in his late teens, hanging out in the down town area of Bend, Oregon — the uppity, snooty resort town I was living in at the time.

I wore my leather jacket every where, or if the weather was warmer a denim vest covered with patches and metal studs. My love of video games took a back seat to music — I was into just about every form of extreme metal and punk music, and I scoffed at anything poppy or mainstream.

The metal scene in that town was virtually non-existent, and I can pretty much name all of the other metal heads around my age at the time. We’d hang out in the park or around the surprising well stocked Continue reading “Why I love Brutal Legend”