The LOW-DOWN 8/13

Marshal and Brendan are here to let you know about some new pictures, new directors and some flat out bad news. Also some good news. Also Joss Whedon is a big deal.

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Why you should play Dark Souls

–By Brendan

Why do we play video games? Is it to experience deep and moving stories? Do we play to marvel at the artistic and graphical capabilities of a game’s engine? Or, is it simply to win?

One could argue that, for the large majority of gamers, it’s to win. Be it defeating a difficult boss, collecting all the hidden items, or reigning supreme in multiplayer matches —we play video games to win. Strangely enough, however, games seem to be offering less and less opportunity to “win.” Despite this new trend, last month saw the release of Dark Souls, a game that many are calling “the most difficult game ever made”, and giving gamers who love to win a run for their money. Continue reading “Why you should play Dark Souls”