A Memory of Light

Recently, Brandon Sanderson released the launch date for the final installment of the Wheel of Time series written by Robert Jordan. After R.J passed away, Harriet (Robert’s wife) and their publishing company asked Brandon to finish the series using the copious notes that Robert Jordan had left. Brandon has done a fine job writing the last couple books. He’s been extremely good at keeping a similar writing style as R.J. had while still bringing some new aspects to the books that show that he’s not only a great author/writer, but a huge fan of the series. This is why I’m so excited that they have announced the January 08, 2013 launch date for the final book. I’m excited to see what the end has to offer, and what R.J. and Brandon have in store for us.

Yesterday, they released part of the Prologue and part of Chapter One for the public to read. I’ve read both and I’ve just become more antsy while I wait for the final product to hit stores and make it’s way into my hands.

Here’s where you can read both of those¬†excerpts

Prologue and First Chapter here, along with other news!