Contact Us

Want to contact us with questions or comments? Got a game or movie you’d like us to check out? Email us at!

You can also check out Power Cords on:

Twitter – @pwrcords

Tumblr –

Youtube – Power Cords

And like us on Facebook!

Additionally check out the Power Cords staff’s personal blogs and sites!

Brendan: Twitter – @Homelessviking; Tumblr – The Homlessviking;  Steam – Homelessviking; Xbox LIVE – EyeAmAhab

Marshal: Twitter – @DangerEllison; Tumblr – Spaceman-Mars; MTGO – SpacemanMars; Steam – Spaceman-Mars

Nick: Steam- salohcin200

Kyle: Twitter – @Schieds2

Evan: Twitter – @EvanEricReedy; Tumblr – Lone-Wolf; Steam – Phaten; Real-ID –; Xbox LIVE – Noree Spektre

Graeme: Twitter – @Mad_God


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