Street Fighter x Mega Man!


I know I don’t really talk about it much, but I’m actually a pretty big Capcom fan. Not the biggest, to be fair, but more so than others. Monster Hunter, Street Fighter, Mega Man X, as well as a handful of other great games like the Gamboy/GBA Legend of Zelda titles, all are series I follow or have followed in the past and played important rolls in my game-playing youth.

As such, today’s a pretty exciting day.

As I pointed out in my post earlier about my wonderful discovery of Minitroid, today is the release of the next Mega Man game, Street Fighter x Mega Man. Like Minitroid, SFxMM is a work of love by dedicated Capcom fan Christian Svensson. Unlike Minitroid, Svensson’s work of love has been picked up and released by Capcom, taking on the project, helping with testing and offering widespread distribution on their website. That’s a pretty cool move on Cap’s part.

Mashing together two iconic game franchise, SFxMM is pretty much a perfectly crafted Mega Man game: it’s 8-bit, it’s platform-y, it’s hard as balls. There’s a boss order, and each comes with its own weakness, just like you’d expect from any other classic Mega Man game. But SFxMM comes with its own unique gameplay elements.

Specifically, each boss is an iconic Street Fighter character. These bosses move much faster, and attack with classic moves and combos right out of the Street Fighter series. The new weapons you gain from these bosses are also pretty neat, so I won’t spoil them. The levels are designed around these characters as well, and I found most of them to be slightly more dynamic than what you’d find in the earlier Mega Man games. Aesthetically, SFxMM sports an 8-bit style with all the same sprites and many well-known enemies. The soundtrack features remixed tunes from the series sure to make you warm and fuzzy inside.

To be fair, when it comes to Mega Man I’m a lot more familiar with the Mega Man X series. As such, I can’t really judge how Street Fighter x Mega Man stacks up against the main series. For what it’s worth, I feel the game is excellent, and it seems like a lot of early impressions are positive. I have yet to beat the game (there’s no save function, as you might expect), but I have immensely enjoyed my time so far with this 2D platformer.

And you want to know the best part? It’s totally free. 



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