Kingdom Death: Monster looks amazing


One thing I really enjoy is a good board game; be it traditional games like Risk or Stratego, or table top ones like Warhammer and Magic the Gathering. There’s something great about the immediacy and physicality of games like that. When it comes to Warhammer specifically (and I would assume D&D, though I’ve never actually played it), a large reason of why I enjoy the game so well is the miniatures themselves. Painting and assembling an army of Space Wolves or a squad of Nergal worshiping Chaos Marines is very rewarding, and gives a sense of personality and attachment to your  army.

That enjoyment and appreciation for plastic figures is one of the reasons this Kickstarter project caught my eye.

Aptly named “Kingdom Death: Monster,” the boardgame is something of an amalgamation between card-based boardgame and strategic, figure-based combat. There are a few videos on the page that explain the basic gameplay, but the really impressive element here is the figure design. These things look amazing! The boxed game comes with quite a few of great looking figures, and there are upgrade options and expansions you can get as well.


Admittedly, a large part of the appeal comes from the Dark Souls-esque dark fantasy atmosphere and grotesquely cool creature designs (though I’ll be honest, most of the female figures are pretty ridiculous…), but the whole package looks well-made and the game seems like a very fun RPG/resource management hybrid. Color me interested.

Luckily, the game has been fully funded — and then some. Currently the Kickstarter has raised $596, 724, when their goal was only 35, 000. That’s a successful fund if I’ve ever seen one.

There are several levels for backing that include some great rewards, however if you want the game you’ll need to pledge at least $100 (higher amounts net expansions and extra figures). Despite my interest and excitement for the project, the college budget and the holidays has stretched my wallet thin, so I have yet to back it. Thankfully, we’ve still got time:  the project still has 27 days worth of funding to go, closing on January 7, 2013.

Anyway, I’ll stop chatting about it; head to the Kickstarter page and see for yourself just how excellent the game looks!


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