Shootin’ the Shit: Dec 8 2012



Yeah, hi, long time no see. Things have been kinda crazy and I’ve been meaning to write to you all, but I haven’t found the time… Until now!

So, a lot’s happened since last we spoke. I have a few things I want to chat about  but first let’s talk about some big-picture stuff.

There’s been some new games like Far Cry 3, and a new Skyrim DLC pack; There’s been a lot of  Halo 4 being played by Marshal and me; We reviewed Hotline Miami and Cloud Atlas; Nintendo even released a brand new console. Oh, and Dark Souls II was announced!

…There’s also been things like projects, tests, jobs and the abyssal darkness known as “finals week” descending upon us. But we emerge, stronger  smarter — better. But also missing several weeks worth of Shootin’, Gaming Journal, and The Low Down. To add insult to injury, my laptop died last week, hamstringing my ability to write and record. I apologize for that delay.

But perhaps the most exciting thing to happen is the formulation and announcement that our tiny little blog is evolving into something new and exciting in the near-future. You can read more about it here; we’re still moving forward and thankfully things are moving relatively smoothly. When we have new stuff to share, we’ll let you all know.

I know there’s usually a lot more in the Shootin’ posts, but it’s been a crazy couple weeks, and I really just wanted to get something out there, let you all know our schedules are opening up, and we’re gonna be posting plenty more (about Dark Souls II).

See you next week!


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