Dark Souls 2 Announced at Spike’s VGAs; consoles confirmed


The title says it all: the brutal, punishing, supremely rewarding gameplay of Dark Souls will be returning for in sequel some time in the near future. When? No clue. On what systems? Again, no clue, but it doesn’t matter; whichever systems I need to own in order to play this game, I’ll buy them. UPDATE: Apparently, despite the seemingly imminent precipice of next-gen consoles, Dark Souls 2 will in fact be a PS3/Xbox 360 title, which is good news in my opinion.* Introduced by the always charming Jessica Alba, the VGA’s have once again proven to be a bastion of game announcements, this time unveiling the sequel to one of my favorite games of all time.

Of course, this is just the beginning and more details are sure to begin trickling out soon. But for now, let’s all rejoice that the pain and torment are returning. I’m so fucking excited to die again.

Once more details appear and the VGA trailer hit the webs, I’ll be sure to post.So of course, stay tuned to Power Cords or follow me on Twitter @homelessviking for more thoughts on the next Dark Souls adventure.

Read more about the reveal here.


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