What? Power Cords is EVOLVING!?

Guys, guess what? You know all those subtle, brief allusions to “being busy” and “working on stuff” that seems to make their way into… well, basically every post I’ve written in the past two months or so?

Well, I was serious.

Power Cords is evolving, expanding — basically just becoming even more awesome, taking yet another step towards “legitimacy.” There’s a whole mess of reason as to why we’re doing this, but basically what it comes down to is we were brainstorming one day, and it suddenly dawned on us that not only did we have other topics we wanted to explore, but we also wanted to find new voices, and really just restructure the entire way we run the blog. What came out of this brain storming was essentially an entirely new website.

So what’s this mean for you, readers? Well, honestly, we’re not 100% sure yet. But here’s what you can be certain of: we’ll keep talking about games, movies, comics, and music. In fact, we’ll be talking about them more than we already are thanks to a new batch of contributors. But we’re also gonna talk about new stuff — specifically, we’ll be covering things unique to our beautiful native land, Cascadia (aka the Pacific Northwest.

Secret’s out — we live in Skyrim.

Things like snowboarding, mountain biking, and backpacking; living in awesome region cities like Portland, Seattle, Eugene, and Vancouver; and the almighty MLS rivalry, the Cascadia Cup. Like I said, the nerdiness will remain — we’re all nerds, and I can confidently this new crew of nerds is awesome and you’ll enjoy what they have to say. But while we love our joysticks and film reels, we also enjoy snowboarding, drinking local brews, and running barefoot through the woods while lifting extremely heavy rocks… errm, maybe that’s just me. Anyway, we want to be able to tell you guys about those things, too.

As I mentioned earlier, we’re completely re-structuring the way the blog works. Because of this, we’ve come to a rather stark realization that we may have to switch blogging platforms. We know that isn’t exactly the easiest thing — for us or for our followers — but in the long run, it’s for the best. We hope each and every one of you follows us on over to wherever we end up. We’ve got a bunch of crazy awesome ideas, and you can expect to see standbys like The Lowdown and Shootin’ the Shit on the new site. We love all of you guys and gals who read our words and watch our videos, and we want to keep providing you with great content, so you can be sure that the moment we know where we’re going, you will too.

We’re shooting to launch this bad boy sometime in late December/early January. As such, things will probably remain a bit inconsistent for a couple weeks. However, we’re not gonna just drop the ole ‘Cords unceremoniously; we’ve got a proper send off in the works, and hopefully it will be a fun week (or two) and an excellent way to ring in the new year and new blog.

Alright, I’ve blathered on enough. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more news — there’s plenty more on the way.

-Brendan, EIC



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