First Iron Man 3 Trailer!

The first Iron Man 3 trailer is up!

The trailer shows off Stark in his fancy new suit as well as the Iron Patriot in action. Check it out below!



The thing that really gets me excited about this installment in the series is that we get to see Tony dealing with what happened in the Avenger’s, seeing as most of the wreckage and destruction took place in his home town. On top of that it also looks like we are going to see Iron Man defeated and broken sometime during the movie. We see his older suits as well as his home completely destroyed. We get to see the Mandarin break the Bat Iron Man presumably half way into the movie.

Ultimately Iron Man 3 has restored my excitement for the hero!

Iron Man 3 is scheduled for a 2013 release and be sure to stay tuned to Power Cords for all your Iron Man and Marvel news!


One thought on “First Iron Man 3 Trailer!

  1. I’m pretty pumped for this. I think seeing Tony deal with more of a dark situation will be the most interesting part of the film. Mandarin will be a good villain and I am happy to see guy pearce is in this!

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