Gaming Journal: October 19, 2012

Gaming Journal: Oct. 19, 2012

Hey guys. So in an effort to give myself something else to post about, I’m going to start keeping a weekly gaming journal. At this point, I’m gonna aim for Fridays, same day as Shootin’ runs as well. I’m figuring I’ll have updates to make in between each regular Friday post when something important happens or a complete a game, etc. I’m going to keep a tally for the game’s I played that week, and how many games I’ve completed each month. I’ve got a pretty long list of games to get through, most of which are rather lengthy, so there will be plenty of content each week. Any way, without further ado, here’s what I played this week.

Games played this week: Dark Souls; Legend of Grim Rock; Dungeons of Dredmor; Doom 3: BFG


I made some good progress in Dark Souls this week. Took out Nito and Seath the Scaleless, as well as went back and downed the Stray Demon. Currently making my way through the New Londo Ruins to take down the Four Kings. I’ve found these past few bosses to be relatively easy, especially post-Ornstein/Smough. It might just be because my character’s build is getting solid and I’ve got a wide range of armor and rings for pretty much any occasion, but I’m not struggling against the bosses and in fact, I can’t recall many who gave me any real trouble besides the Capra Demon, Ornstein and Smough, and my early attempts against Sif. At any rate, I’m stoked I’m nearing the end of this bad boy after taking several months off. I’ll keep you updated as I near to the close.

For those who are interested, I’m rolling a Pyromancer, currently using Leeroy’s Paladin armor set but swapping for the Black Iron gloves and helm; Havel’s Ring and Ring of Steel Protection; Zweihander +7 and Knight Sheild +7.


Dungeons of Dredmor

Besides Dark Souls, I also got in some RPG goodness with Legend of Grimrock and Dungeons of Dredmor. Like Dark Souls, I took some time off from Grimrock after playing it quite a bit earlier this year, but I was able to pick up right where I left off and cleared a couple more floors this week (now on level 9). Dredmor is just a fun diversion. I have no idea if there’s an end-game, and even if there is, I die so often (and play so casually) I’ll probably never see it.

The other big game I played this week was DOOM 3: BFG Edition. I’m a Doom 3 fan (some might say apologist, but I say there’s nothing to be sorry for), being the first game I ever upgraded my PC for and I was happy to see it plays just the same it is did years ago. Sure, it’s just monster closet after monster closet, but dammit IT’S FUN! I got in about an hour and a half with Doom 3, but seeing as how the collection includes the entire DOOM trilogy, I have plenty of demon blasting in my future. Will I complete all three games? I’m not entirely sure. But I plan on at least seeing Doom 3 and the Ressurection of Evil expansion through to completion.

Just as a quick reference, here’s my list of games I plan on playing through; some are games I’ve played through before and want to go back to, others I haven’t completed, and other still are future games I plan on playing once they’re released. More will be added, and I’ll keep a running tally as I complete them. In no particular order:

Dark Souls
Legend of Grimrock
Doom 3: BFG
Halo 4
MechWarrior Online
Far Cry 3
The Banner Saga
Ultima Forever
The Dark Spire
Fallout 3
Planescape: Torment
Artorias Abyss DLC
Muramasa: The Demon Blade
Odin Sphere
Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia

Okay, that’s it for me this week, but I want to know you you guys are playing too! Post a comment, let’s get a discussion going!


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