Power Cords: One year later

Today is the one year anniversary of Power Cord’s creation. A year ago today, our first post — a review for Dark Souls — went live, and since then we’ve been slowly building the blog, delivering news, reviews and opinions on videogames, movies, comics, and much more.

It’s a little hard for me to believe. On the one hand, it feels like I’ve been doing this forever; on the other, it’s only been a year and I still feel like we’re in the early days of the blog. When we started, we had a goal in mind — to carve out our own little section of the internet, and offer a unique voice for those who’ll listen. One day, I’m confident we’ll reach the goals we’ve set for ourselves with Power Cords, but for now I’m extremely happy with what we’ve accomplished, and humbled that there are so many of you reading.

So what can you expect over the next 12 months? Well, first of all, more comic articles. We’ve get some new voices on staff, and I know I’ve been reading a bit more sequential art, so you can be sure we’ll be expanding and bolstering the comics section over the next few months.

The videogame and film/television sections will remain essentially the same. I’ve got some new ideas as far as formatting and some specific content, but you’ll keep seeing the same type of content you have since day one. But we’d really love to give you more, and that’s why I want to encourage you all to comment of email us at askpowercords@gmail.com with ideas of the type of articles you’d like to see!

Of course videos, specifically The Low Down, will remain the consistant. I’m super excited about what Marshal is doing on the video end and I think I speak for everyone when I say I look forward to seeing what the iron-jawed daredevil comes up with next.

Finally, the Podcast. we’re working hard on getting The Power Cast to be a mainstay of the blog. We love doing them, and when they’ve worked they’ve been pretty successful. For now, new episodes will be infrequent and spotty, but as I said on the post for episode 10, the podcast WILL become a regular part of our weekly content; it’s just a matter of when. All I can say for now is that keep your eyes out for new episodes as they materialize. You’ll know when the ‘cast will finally make the transition to full-time, which at this point you can expect sometime in 2013.

2013. If 2012 was any indication, it’ll be an interesting year. I look forward to seeing what it brings and excited to think about where we’ll be come October 18, 2013.

Thanks to Marshal, Evan, Graeme, Nick, and Kyle for all the great content. But most of all, thank you, dear readers, for sticking with us, commenting, and making this a dream come true.

Thanks for reading.

-Brendan, Power Cords EIC


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