Valhalla has crumbled in the wake of Ragnarok.

In Norse mythology, the end of the world is known a Ragnarok: a massive, universe ending battle spread across multiple worlds and realms or existence, where the gods and souls of warriors (who reside in the halls of Valhalla) clash with the giants and ancient evils, with both sides ultimately perishing and every world destroyed. From the ashes, a new cycle of life begins.

In Halo 4, the once popular multiplayer map Valhalla has risen anew as Ragnarok. Essentially, this is the same map that was made so popular in Halo 3 (albeit with Halo 4’s graphical polish and new mulitplayer features). You’re probably asking yourself, “Brendan, what’s so important about an old map returning to a game you guys already talk about way too much?”Well, I’ll tell you.


Not only is Valhalla one of the most iconic maps in the Halo series — hell most iconic multiplayer map in gaming as a whole — it’s also the setting for a certain popular machinima series based off Halo as well. When Red Versus Blue moved from Blood Gulch and to Valhalla it arguably helped cement the map as a piece of gaming history, and part of Halo’s legacy. I’m excited to see this map returning, not just because it’s one of my favorite maps or one of the most well-known, but because maybe — just maybe — this means we’ll finally see the gang in RvB return to their roots in future seasons (ostensibly using the Halo 4 engine). Given the amount of RvB Easter eggs and in-jokes in the achievements and development of Halo 4 alone, one can only assume there’s more going on here than just bringing the map back for the fans; though I’m sure that’s a large part of it, too. Plus, for a mythology buff like me it’s awesome to see another reference in the Halo series, and think it’s pretty cool how it all fits together.

Anyway. As I’m sure you’ve surmised, Marshal and I are stupid excited for this game, and will be sure to give you more thoughts on Halo 4 leading up to it’s release next month(!). Then be sure to look out for Marshal’s review, and our continued of the coverage of the game post-launch.


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