Power Cast Episode 10!

We did it! We recorded another episode of our podcast within a month of the other one! That really sholdn’t be cause for celebration, but DAMMIT WE DID IT!

In this episode, I round up 3/4th the contributor gang and grill them on everything from their favorite video game strategies and zombie survival plans, to marital arts and classic cars. This episode also features our BRAND NEW recording equipment that we’re still totally trying to figure out and perfect. Nonetheless, we hope you notice and enjoy the new sound quality.

It’s probably worth noting that, while we have this new set up and seem to be honing in on a recording schedule, the podcast is going to be taking a bit of a break. There will undoubtedly be some sporadic episodes posted in the coming weeks and months, but due to logistical constraints (see: college, work, etc.) they will probably be just as — if not more — infrequent as they have been, but we PROMISE: the podcast will become a regular and frequent part of Power Cord’s weekly content soon. And by soon I mean some time in 2013. But for now, enjoy the latest episode!

Power Cast Episode 10: Summer Blues

Download (right click, save as)

Featuring: Brendan, Nick, Kyle, Evan

Length:  1:19:35

We’ll be back soon!


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