Binary and Incineration

No such thing as too much Halo news.

343 earlier today released the final video showing off the weapons of Halo 4. Now we have already seen the Covenant and Human weapons but now we have been given the Promethean weapons and they look incredible.


Now while all of the weapons shown off here are new weapons several really are more or less the same guns we have been using for years. The Scattershot really is just a cooler shotgun, the Suppressor an underpowered AR. Heck, even the Incineration Cannon projectiles bounce and appear to do very comparable damage to the Fuel Rod Cannon. Now while all of these weapons are a little underwhelming the rest of the arsenal is a bit more appealing.


The Light Rifle appears to be the Promethean mid-range rifle but there is something that sets it apart from the other headshot weapons in the game. Unscoped it functions a bit like a more robust version of the Carbine but scoped in it steps things up a notch. Zooming in switches to the Light Rifle’s secondary fire which packs a bit more punch. Zoomed in you shoot a little bit slower but you do a bit more damage. The variation between modes of fire is definitely going to make this weapon worth picking up, especially if you aim for the face.

Speaking of headshots, the Bolt Shot looks incredible. It looks like 343 took the Magnum and smushed a Plasma Pistol into it. This new handgun is not only powerful and capable of headshots but it doesn’t stop there. Like the Light Rifle the Bolt Shot also has an alternative fire which looks similar to the Plasma Pistol in the sense that you are able to fire an overcharged blast. Unlike the overcharged Plasma Pistol which only takes out an opponent’s shield the overcharged Bolt Shot looks more or less like a shotgun burst. So a pistol I can headshot enemies with as well as blast with a single shot at close range is more than enough to sell me on it. My fingers are crossed that this is going to be available as a selectable secondary weapon.

File:Binary rifle cropped.png

I think the Promethean’s have gotten it right as far as precision weapons go. Ok so we have another sniper but this one kicks a bit more ass than the rest of them. First off from the footage gleamed, it at least appears to be a one shot kill regardless of where you hit your target. The Sniper Rifle and Beam Rifle are capable of one shot kills if you hit your target’s head with that first shot. With the Binary Rifle you are looking at a dead enemy if you manage to hit them in the toe. Admittedly, it does only have a two shot magazine and only looks capable of holding four shots in total but being able to kill anyone with one shot is the kind of power I am drawn to in a weapon and despite that small magazine I am definitely going to be getting my monies worth with the Binary Rifle.

The Prometheans are bringing the most new toys to the table and while some are simply old guns with a sleek make over the rest look like they are going to be packing quite a punch. Not only are they visually striking but the weapons have found a beautiful balance between being familiar and pushing the Halo arsenal’s boundaries to the point that Halo 4’s War Games are going to be absolutely phenomenal.

Be sure to pick up Halo 4 on November 6th and stay tuned to Powercords for all of your Halo 4 news!


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