The Covenant Armory

Last month Halo Waypoint released a video showing off the entirety of the U.N.S.C. arsenal and now they have done the same for the Covenant. Check it out below!


Now unlike the U.N.S.C. who ended up with a quite a few new toys the Covies only ended up with one: the Storm Rifle. Now from this video and the game play footage I have seen the Storm Rifle seems kind of like a combination of the Needle Rifle and the Spiker. Ultimately it is more or the less Covenants primary automatic weapon. With that being said, from the way it seems to handle I would definitely choose one of these bad boys over an Assault Rifle any day. To top things off, Storm Rifle is such a cooler name than Plasma or Assault rifle. Cool weapon.

While the Storm Rifle might be the only new Covie weapon in Halo 4 we are seeing the return of Beam Rifle instead of Reach’s Focus Rifle. I honestly despised the underpowered Focus Rifle and I am incredibly excited to see the return of the Beam Rifle, a weapon which is arguably more powerful than the Human’s sniper. While both Covenant and Human snipers do equal amounts of damage per shot the Beam Rifle, unlike the Sniper Rifle, allows the user to almost immediately fire a second shot finishing off your target.

In Halo 3 there are quite a few situations where the Beam Rifle was actually superior to the sniper. Not only can it shoot faster but at the cost of a slightly longer amount of time between shots you can fire the beam rifle constantly without stopping to cool it down or reload. Now I won’t say that the Beam Rifle is purely better than the sniper, it is definitely a worthy counterpart and I am so very excited to see its return.

While the new weapons shown off in this video aren’t nearly as exciting as the U.N.S.C.’s they do show off quite a few familiar faces, including the Beam Rifle as well as the Carbine, which are more than enough to get me excited about once again wielding the weapons of the classic Halo enemies.


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