Sphinxes, Demons, and Gorgons, Oh My! Part 2: Multicolored Cards and Artifacts

Now for the multi-colored cards.

So you know how Smother is a good card? Wizards looked at the card and thought, “we could do better”. The end result is a Smother that can kill almost anything and can’t be countered. This card rocks. I mean black decks are going to splash green just for this card and vice versa. One of the best kill spells ever printed and will probably see play all the way to Vintage and Classic. SOOO GOOD.

Armada Wurm

Creature – Wurm Mythic Rare
When Armada Wurm enters the battlefield put a 5/5 Wurm creature token with trample onto the battlefield.


This is going to both play and function very similarly to Broodmate Dragon and just like the dragons you can bet this card sees play. Like I have mentioned several times, the Type 2 environment is running low on usable six drops and this card fills that void perfectly. Broodmate Dragon was awesome because it was 8 power for six equally distributed across two bodies with flying. Armada Wurm rocks because you are getting 10 power for six equally distributed across two bodies with trample. I think that trade for more power and tramps for flying is a great trade and this card definitely going to be knocking some skulls.

Watchwolf is getting reprinted. Except this time it also functions with all token doubling effects including Parallel Lives, Doubling Season, Rhys, and of course populate. Cool card but still not completely sold on its superiority to the Wolf. Either way, good card that will see play.

Three drop counterspells while not as efficient as their two drop counterparts are absolutely just as powerful. Counterflux is an incredibly powerful spell for multiple reasons. First off it is uncounterable. An uncounterable counterspell for three fantastic. Now an uncounterable counterspell for three which for one mana more can also become an uncounterable counterspell for four which also counters every other spell on the stack is absolutely amazing. Say that ten times fast. Anyway, a card that is both powerful and versatile. It’s definitely going to be a big player in the inevitable American Control deck that’s bound to show up.

That same American Control deck will be benefitting from this bad boy. An O-Ring that can also deal with a field full of angel or spirit tokens is sweet. While definitely more powerful than Oblivion Ring I am sure that the more restrictive mana cost will lead to O-Ring still seeing play.

I gotta love my big blue spells. An instant that tutors up for pretty much any three instances of your choice is my kind of spell. If you build your deck right this should be able to provide you answers for almost every possible situation, especially now with overload spells that have small casting costs but big abilities. Such a sweet card that gets me to excited to see some new strategies from blue.

Speaking of tutors…

This card is absolutely perfect for any and all reanimator decks. Being able to grab a Huntmaster and at the same time being able to dump a Griselbrand in the yard is too much of a value to pass up with a reanimation spell in hand. That paired with scavenge and other graveyard effects lead to this card being a bomb. Another hit for Golgari.

I believe Frank Lepore is absolutely correct in predicting the future of Type 2 is turn one Pilgrim followed by a turn two Smiter. A 4/4 for three is pretty awesome but paired with being uncouterable is just too much. Awesome card and with the presence of both Azorius and Selesnya we are going to be seeing some powerful Bant builds.

This card is so awesome. This card does absolutely everything control decks wants to do. This card allows you to sit through your opponents turn and during their end step either snipe their biggest step or draw two cards. I know either way is fine with me. This card is like a UR Swiss army knife. Definitely going to see play

Now this is the card that is going to make Bruna a viable option. This card and Angelic Destiny and maybe a couple others are going to make for some awesome UW Bruna Mill Control Combo type shenanigans. The fact that it makes your creatures gargantuan as well as netting you cards is what really excites me about this card. I like it.

This uncounterable cycle is absolutely magnificent. This set is Christmas for the control players out there. Wizards must have thought that O-Ring and Wrath of God weren’t powerful enough for those UW control decks out there and that they needed the same exact card except significantly more powerful. At the moment they feel a little unnecessary but it is cool to see these powerful spells have a more restrictive casting cost, especially since they might replace the originals for a season or two

So Regrowth is being reprinted. I will admit the casting cost is more restrictive than Regrowth but it is also a whole lot cheaper than Recollect. I am pretty sure this will see some competitive play. It is a shame it gets exiled cutting off potential interactions such as with Snapcaster. Either way, it is a powerful card that will be played.

This is the card I am the most excited about in the entire set. First let’s see if this new planeswalker passes the test: can it defend itself? The answer is, of course yes. Not only can she shut down any creature threatening her but it can seriously deal with any non-land permanent threatening her. Not only does her -3 effectively protect her but her +1 does too. That’s the beautiful thing about Vraska, she goes into your opponents turn with 6 loyalty and deathtouch. If your opponent doesn’t want to stare down her ultimate in only three turns he or she is going to have to lose a couple creatures slowing her down.

And her ultimate…

When I ultimate a planeswalker I want it to mean game over for my opponent. For example I was a little underwhelmed with Jace’s ultimate due to the fact that it didn’t necessarily mean you won. That is not the case with Vraska. After only three short turns your opponent is going to have to have three answers for your little tokens or else face death. I am so stoked to actually see the words “loses the game” on a planeswalker. I came into this set assuming I would be playing something blue but after seeing Vraska I was positive I would be playing Golgari. This card is awesome. Perhaps not strong enough to be a hit in legacy but I wouldn’t be surprised seeing it show up in a couple modern builds. Such an awesome card.

Also Pithing Needle is getting reprinted which is pretty neat.

Wizards has done a fantastic job distributing power amongst all of the guilds and all of the colors. While going through the spoiler I committed myself to playing any number of different color combos countless times because every color has so many great cards. I am excited for so many cards in this set it is unbelievable.

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