Who are the Prometheans?

343 has once again released new vi-doc on Halo Waypoint about the creation process of the Prometheans, the new enemy class in the upcoming Halo 4. The video details what exactly 343 wanted to achieve with the new enemies and what some of the major influences were that went into the design. They don’t only talk about the enemy but their weapons as well the Prometheans creators, the Forerunners. Amidst all of the new information is quite of bit of new footage of the game, both cinematic sequences and actual gameplay. So with that being said check out the video below!


So I am incredibly excited to get to finally face off against these bad boys in less than two months now. The new weapons look incredible but I am little worried that they are going to lead to me excessively bouncing back and forth between weapons simply to get to see the weapons come together in your hands. Definitely going to be a problem.  Oh well.

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