Impromptucast! Power Cast episode 9 is here.

We’re still doing these? Why yes, yes we are! It’s been quite a while since we were able to post a new episode of the podcast due to time and scheduling issues, as well as some extremely dumb computer issues that have resulted in several “lost” episodes. As such, Marshal and I were feeling the need to record something, so we threw this together on the fly and thus it’s a smaller cast of character than usual; HOWEVER! We were so deadset on making this comeback something special we went so far as to get the London Philharmonic Orchestra to offer the soundtrack to our musings, playing some of the greatest video game music of the past few years! Well, kind of. So kick back, pop in your headphones, and get to know the Power Cords editors a little better!

Power Cast episode 9: Impromptucast!

Featuring: Brendan Hesse, Marshal Ellison

Total run time: 1:01:10

Download (right click, save as)


Marshal (left) and Brendan (right) bein’ fly.

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