The Humanity of Halo 4

A couple days ago Halo Waypoint released new video titled Halo 4: A Hero Awakens Behind the Scenes. The video goes over how one of the main objectives of Halo 4 and this upcoming trilogy was to really focus on the emotional and human aspects of the chief. In the past we have seen him blow up rings and spaceships and be your standard action hero bad ass but this time around it looks like 343 really wants to evoke more of an emotional response from the audience. The video discusses how they went about doing this as well as introducing us to the team responsible for making the Chief and Cortana who they are today.

While the video is on the longer side I definitely felt that it was worth ten minutes of my life. Check it out below!

Also, if none of this seems appealing to you, it might interest you that there is some footage of an elite trying to bite off Master Chief’s face. It’s awesome.


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