Halo Mechs?

First off I would like to apologize for all of the Halo 4 spam but a lot of exciting Halo happenings have been, well, happening. Halo Waypoint recently posted a new video earlier today titled the Magic of Halo 4 and it shows off lots of behind the scenes footage showing off how making this game has been a lot like making a blockbuster film. Throughout the short video of programmers programming and artists arting (it’s now word) are little blips of footage from the actual game. Right around the 2 minutes and twenty second mark we catch a glimpse of potentially the most exciting Halo innovation to date. Check it out below!


Now that sure as hell looks like a mech if I ever saw one.

Now at this point this is mostly speculation but it really does seem like that is what the future holds. Reach set the bar high with innovation with the campaign only space flight mission and perhaps 343 is looking to match that with giant battling robots, an alternative I am very ok with. If indeed mechs are going to make an appearance in the series my fingers are crossed that they are not limited to only campaign usage but that we will be able to kill our friends online with them as well. So do you think we are going to get mechs in Halo 4? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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