Halo 4 Specializations and More

Earlier this week 343 released a bulletin on Halo Waypoint detailing specializations in Halo 4. Halo 4 is going to be just like previous installments in the series where players will progress through 50 levels before reaching the top of the multiplayer hierarchy, unlocking new gear, skins and armor mods along the way. Once hitting level 50 players are going to be able to choose a specialized path or series of ten additional levels to advance down hence creating specializations. There are 8 of these end-game-esque specializations and while a player can eventually complete each one they will only be able to choose one at a time. Each of these specializations will also yield special and unique gear and armor mods.

While details on armor mods in general are still minimal information on specializations and the armor mods accompanying them were quite specific. The following are the eight specializations and the armor mods that go with each one

Wetwork – Stealth Armor Mod: Move quietly, shorter assassination animations and only an outline will be available of you when using Promethean vision is used compared to an entire silhouette.

Pioneer – Fast Track Armor Mod: Gain more experience at the end of matches.


Engineer – Drop Recon Armor Mod: Informs you of upcoming ordinance locations and contents.


Tracker – Requisition Armor Mod: Lets you recall your last ordinance drop for more value from each drop.


Rogue – Stability Armor Mod: Your cursor remains steadier when fired upon.


Stalker – Nemesis Armor Mod: The last person to kill you shows up on your motion sensor.



Pathfinder – Gunner Armor Mod: Move more quickly when carrying turrets and the overheat time when using mounted turrets is increased.


Operator – Wheelman Armor Mod: Vehicles are more durable and there is a decreased amount of time when an opponent may hi-jack your vehicle.

I am going to be honest with everyone here. Sure in the right situation each one of these could be awesome but there are some that are clearly better than others. The vehicle suit mods are a little underwhelming and Nemesis and Engineer aren’t nearly on par with the others as well. With that being said these are only the specialization armor mods, there are going to be quite a few extras that you unlock along the way and the other half of the eight look pretty interesting as well.

It is clear that Stability and Fast Track are going to do pretty well more often than not; the former being used a ton for grinding and Stability being great in any playlist with enemies (ALL OF THEM). While a lot of these seem a little reminiscent of Call of Duty perks there was one in particular that seemed potentially awesome as well as being unique to Halo 4: Tracker.

At this point we have yet to really see the vulnerability of ordinance drops but one way or another Tracker is going to do something sweet. Being able to get that extra power weapon or custom power up could be game changing. Heck, even if your drop gets stolen, just re-drop it to give you the edge before getting even.

Now I don’t think I am alone when I say that Wetwork is definitely going to be the first specialization I take down. Now I say this for multiple reasons. The first is that being silent is absolutely vital, especially if you are a fan of assassinations or just sneaking up on an opponent. How many times have you found yourself staring at the back of an opponent and run up to assassinate them and had that enemy quickly spin around to shut you down. The problem with any ambush is that you want to move as quickly as possible which is why Sprint has so much appeal. Sprinting allows you to quickly make up those last few meters between you and your target but at the cost of being noisy as hell. As long as you are listening to what’s going on around you can hear any enemy breathing heavily as they dash towards you; unless they are using the Stealth Armor Mod. Stealth is going to allow players to more effectively get the drop on someone and the sped up animation means that after quietly getting to your target you are going to be able to quickly dispatch of your enemy while still doing it in the most fun way possible.

Now while all of this is fantastic and dandy, that last tib bit is definitely not something to brush off. Promethean vision is set to be the next Sprint or at least the next best armor ability. Being able to see through that wall or around that corner even for just a moment is way too fantastic to ignore and you can bet that there is going to be a pretty large chunk of the population using it. Stealth is going to once again give you an edge here by at least making you more difficult to see at a quick glance.

So in summary, Wetwork is the way to go and it is going to rock balls.

As cool as all of these armor abilities are they weren’t the only note worthy thing that came along with this bulletin. In addition to armor mods each specialization also comes with unique skins for both armor and weapons. Among these were several pretty paint jobs for the weapons we have grown to love but there was one in particular that caught my attention.

For those of you who choose to go for the Tracker specialization first are going to find themselves with a shiny new skin for their Boltshot? 343 recently released a video showing off all UNSC weapons including the new Railgun but for one reason or another, the Boltshot did not show up in that video. Now it is possible that Boltshot was simply an early name for the Railgun or vice versa but I really don’t think that was the case. After checking out the picture provided, it definitely appears to be a different weapon.



So the Boltshot is definitely a new gun and for one reason or another 343 has kept it under wraps. Sure it could be a Promethean weapon but the design looks much more UNSC than golden alien. While this new weapon is currently shrouded in mystery I am sure we will get some new insight on the weapon soon enough.

For all of your Halo 4 new check into Power Cords and be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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