CryEngine 3 looks amazing

A newly released Crysis 3 trailer showing off the amazing power of Crytek’s CryEngine 3 has surfaced. (And has brought tears to our eyes.)

I recently went on record saying that graphics don’t make a game emotionally impactful; I also chimed in on the 5 games I’m most looking forward to playing later this year, made up largely of indie and free-to-play titles that eschew this sort of glitz and glam.


Crysis 3 looks damn gorgeous! Some of the stuff going on in the trailer makes it hard to believe it’s able to run on current-gen hardware (though it does give some credence to Crytek’s recent statement that they’ve pushed this generation as far as the possibly can). I still don’t think it’s time for a new console, and I will always defend the notion that games need not be visually spectacular to deliver a story or strong experience, but damn, do I want to play Crysis 3 now.


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