D3 Armory

If anyone out there is still playing Diablo 3, Blizzard just recently introduced a new feature to Diablo 3. Now it doesn’t directly influence your gaming experience. So if you left the game because you were bored with the gameplay then this update probably won’t matter to you at all.

This new update Blizzard gave Diablo is not even in game, it’s on battle.net. It’s a new feature on the website that allows you to look at your Diablo 3 characters. You are able to see just about everything about your character. You can see stats, dps, gear, spec, follower information, and how far you have progressed with that character.

Now I like the whole idea behind this because I like to see the different skill combinations people come up with and what stats they are stacking, and maybe give it a go. In other words it opens my eyes, such as playing your wizard as a tank instead of a squishy caster. On the flip side people might want to keep their builds secret and not want to share with the world their super-secret awesome build. In which case, they might want to make it an option whether or not you want to allow everyone to see your characters.

This update I feel won’t matter that much to the players who are in it for the story. I feel that this update will be a bigger part of the game once the pvp update comes out. Because I know if I was going mano a mano with another wizard and he beat me I would like to know what that players spec was and how geared they were.

Let us know your opinions down below in the comments.


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