New Halo 4 Weapons

Halo Waypoint released two new videos showing off the UNSC weapons that will be playable in Halo 4. Both videos are visually the same but one has no song playing to show off how the new boom sticks sound. The video also shows off more of the new weapon the Sticky Detonator which seems to really just be a revamped Grenade Launcher from Reach with the exception that the grenades now stick to things.

The video also showed off how the new weapons are going to sound which is significantly different than their Reach counter parts. The upgraded sounds sound much more robust than earlier versions and to quote Brendan, they “fucking sound like they’ll tear your arm off if you pull the trigger.” Some of the heavier weapons all have a metallic twang of reverberating steel upon fire which just gets me amped for the inevitable snipers playlist.

Now perhaps the single most exciting aspect of the video is that it also debuts two brand new weapons which up until now have been flying under the radar: The SAW and the Railgun.

The SAW is a new automatic rifle that at a quick glance seems like a new version of the SMG due to its faster rate of fire. In Halo 3 Bungie discovered how the SMG became kind of a redundant and unused weapon when the Assault Rifle was also present so I am hoping this doesn’t turn out to be more or less a new SMG. The look of the SAW looks a little on the heavy side and it appeared that the reticule bloom from the weapon was minimal so perhaps this actually a power weapon, kind of a Light Machine Gun kind of thing. My fingers are crossed that it turns out to be more of a LMG than SMG. Either way I am curious as to whether or not it will be one of the weapons that we will be able to use in our custom load outs for multiplayer matchmaking.

While the nature of the SAW is debatable the Raligun is definitely a power weapon. The Railgun appears to be more or less a mini Splaser or rather one with a much shorter range. The video shows off how like the Spartan Laser you are going to charging up a blast that you will then proceed to kill every one with. We also see from the video that the Railgun is considered a short to medium range weapon and that you will only be getting around five shots with it before swapping it out for something else. The Railgun to me feels a lot both visually and functionally like the offspring of the Shotgun and Splaser.

I am incredibly stoked to see that 343 was not hesitating when it came to adding new gear to the already familiar repertoire of weaponry. The release of this video also has me hoping that we will soon be watching similar videos for both the Covenant and Promethean weaponry. With that being said check out the video below!


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