Free to Play: SWTOR

Yesterday Bioware and the Star Wars” The Old Republic team announced that SWTOR would be going F2P later this year. This is both exciting and upsetting at the same time. For how much I loved the game in the beginning, it lacked later on and I lost interest. In that regard, I’m glad the game is going to be free to play — however I still am disappointed because in my heart I wanted the game to be an utter success.

It’s exciting that everyone will get a better opportunity to try the game out. Granted the limited amount of features that you have available in the f2p version will make it a glorified story mode. However, this also allows people to take time and figure out if they really truly enjoy the gameplay enough to fork out the monthly payment to try out the bigger better aspects of the game.

However, seeing as there will still be micro-transactions available, the features you get for free are pretty great. I’m not quite sure how they will handle the micro-transactions but if they do it anything like how other games have, then once this game is F2P it will hopefully be a bit more popular. It may not become a favorite for many among the MMO community, however it does give everyone a great option to fall back on when boredom strikes and you’re looking for great story with good people.


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