If Tarantino Were to Make a Super Hero Movie

During Comic Con fans who attended the DC panel were greeted with one of the most exciting events of the convention: Quentin Tarantino. Tarantino was a brief guest at the beginning of the panel announcing the upcoming Django Unchained comic book series. The writer/director mentioned that there was a lot of cut material from the film that wasn’t essential to the plot that really allowed for a lot of creative design in the project.

Now as exciting as this announcement was this was not the announcement I was hoping for when I first heard Tarantino was on the DC panel. The announcement I wanted to hear was that Tarantino was going to be directing an adaptation of a DC comic. I wanted to hear that Tarantino was directing a super hero movie.

Now I understand that Tarantino prefers to write and direct the films he writes and his ‘R’ rated style might not be ideal for the genre but bear with me on this. It is clear that Tarantino’s style might not be what DC was looking for their Flash movie but there are heroes and antiheroes out there that would fit perfectly with said style. While his movies might be best known for their violence they never rely on that violence to carry the film. They are such good movies because of the beautifully written dialogue between absolutely fantastic characters. The spectacular violence is just the cherry on top.

The following are a handful of characters who I feel Tarantino would feel right at home directing an adaptation of. They aren’t necessarily all DC characters or characters who haven’t had a movie adaptation yet just characters who I feel Tarantino could do something really cool with.


The merc with a mouth. Deadpool is the first to come to mind when I think of Tarantino and a superhero. When I think about Deadpool I think of all of his punny jokes and excessive violence. Tarantino’s movies usually consist of a lot of this already and him making a Deadpool movie would just be synergistic. Tarantino’s dark and humorous style would be the perfect match for the witty and kick ass character. Lastly just think about the katana work we saw from Kill Bill. That would be an awesome movie.


Kick-Ass has a dark and funny story and it didn’t rely solely on violence to be awesome. Just look me in the eye and say Tarantino couldn’t have done a better job than Matthew Vaughn. Kick-Ass has a lot of realistic and crime related violence. This is an area that Tarantino has dedicated the first half of his career mastering. He would have perfectly captured the dark humor, the violence would be spot on if not better, and he could have built on and made the already flavorful roster of characters that much better.

The Joker.

Now I don’t necessarily mean that Tarantino should make a Batman movie –an idea which I wouldn’t be too against either—but I really think that he would be able to do the Joker justice. The Joker is obviously a dark and humorous character and as I keep reiterating this is where Tarantino is at his best. If he were to give the character a go for it it would have to be a more grounded take on the character similar to Nolan’s Joker due to the grittiness that would be associated with that small potential that he could be real. Nolan is really the best at making an original, colorful, and all around awesome characters and I strongly believe that if he were to write a Joker it would very likely give Ledger’s portrayal a run for it’s money.


Dwayne Johnson has more or less confirmed that a Lobo movie is happening and I keep finding myself wishing that the project will end up in Tarantino’s lap. Sure the antihero does feel much more action oriented than some of the other characters but Lobo shares that same dark humor that Tarantino loves. Sure Lobo is a little over the top but just once again look at Kill Bill. The violence done there is certainly over the top but it is incredibly well done. It shows off that Tarantino is more than capable of depicting both clever and non-excessive violence but he is also great at the unneeded and awesome kick-ass violence, exactly what a Lobo movie would need.

Once The Man with the Iron Fists hits theaters this fall we should be seeing Tarantino kicking some major butt in the action genre and once again demonstrating to us that he is more than capable of producing an amazing superhero flick.

So what hero or antihero would you like to see the writer/director tackle? Would you like to see him do one of the characters I mentioned or is there another character you would rather see more? The ones I mentioned here were just the few that quickly came to mind but there are tons out there Tarantino would be great for. Be sure to let us know your thoughts and who you would like to see in the comments below!





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