Call of Duty: Nazi Zombies Vs. Survival Mode

We all have our reasons for enjoying games, and certain games like the Call of Duty franchise has its appeal to different people. Some of us enjoy the campaign play more than the multiplayer online content, while still others enjoy the quirky additions such as Nazi Zombies. I’d like to check out the pro’s and con’s if you will, of Infinity Ward’s  Survival Mode–and Treyarch’s Nazi Zombies. Both of these side-games have great aspects to them and some more appealing than the other. They’re both survival, horde-mode style games–except they have different twists to them. Where one has endless hordes of zombies, the other has calculated amounts of enemies becoming progressively greater and more difficult.

In the Survival Mode of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 you start out with basic equipment, a pistol and three hand grenades. The goal of the game is to survive as long as possible against the coming bad guys, whether they have armor, dogs, explosives strapped to their chest or accompanied by helicopters. As you kill your enemies you get money and getting to certain waves unlocks different item crates. Each item crate has a different selection of equipment. One crate has guns and can refill ammunition–another crate will have miscellaneous things like grenades, claymores, RPG’s, and things like that and the last will have killstreak rewards that you can purchase to use. They offer a challenge system, each challenge is a different way to go about completing the wave. It might be a kill streak challenge and reward you for bigger and better kill streaks, maybe a knife kill or head shot challenge, or perhaps it will challenge you to kill your enemies after having used a flash bang on them. Each of the different challenges gives you reward money that helps to buy new perks, equipment and guns.

Since each wave gets both larger and/or more difficult it benefits you to come up with some sort of strategy. Whether that’s finding a place to hunker down and funnel your enemies–or maybe you run around utilizing corners and claymores to your advantage–or perhaps you prefer to plant explosives all over the map and create random mayhem whilst running rampant with big machine guns. However you like to look at it, there is a lot of strategy involved especially in the later levels.

Pro’s: I like the fact that you’ve got a large variety of weapons, equipment, enemies and levels to choose from. The increasing difficulty that the levels and waves bring, creates a great challenge to overcome. I like the fact that you’re able to level up and unlock different items to use from each of the equipment crates. I enjoy the side challenges that they give you each wave, it gives you something to work for and helps you get money quicker.

Con’s: Sometimes frustration leads to lack of interest–if there’s that one wave or enemy type that you just cant seem to overcome–you tend to lose interest after failing enough attempts. I’m not a huge fan of the fact that–after a certain wave–you have all equipment options available to you (granted you have to reach a certain rank in order to use some items).

In the Call of Duty: Nazi Zombies/Zombies additions you start out with Grenades, and a Pistol. The goal of the game is obviously to survive, however you’ve got to keep zombies from overrunning you. As you kill zombies you get certain amounts of money for every time you shoot each zombie and more when you kill one. You get money for repairing the different windows and holes through which the undead break through. As you get more money you can open doors and elevators and lifts and eventually unlock different guns and other equipment to use throughout your adventure.

Each wave after the first comes with more and more zombies and eventually different kinds of zombies. At first you’ll have the kind that run, then you might encounter crawling zombies that emit poisonous gas and there are other obstacles through which you must combat and survive such as insane scientists, space monkey’s, immortal spacemen, and plenty more! One of my favorite features of this game is the mystery box. This box is exactly what it’s name suggests, a box of mystery. You purchase each opening of the box and in return you one of any piece of equipment in the game–whether it be some monkey bombs, a Browning, an M16 or a Laser gun–however the item you get is completely random so never count on the box to be your friend.

Pro’s: I like the randomness of the mystery box and I like the idea of having to open each portion of the map as you go by breaking down debris. This allows you to create an obstacle course for your enemies giving you some control over the outcome of the map rather than your enemies controlling where you go. However you still have to worry about any ragtag bags of flesh crawling through windows as you move through the map. The variety of guns you’re allowed to have is great, but you’re not just allowed to buy them all–however there are a good few which you can “purchase” from the walls (these walls drive a hard bargain).

Con’s: The amount of time it takes to complete the later levels is ridiculous, and eventually the task becomes tedious and monotonous, giving the fun sort of a diminishing returns effect. The fact that there are ways to live forever (if you do it correctly, otherwise you will die) kind of makes it less fun as you discover each dance of success.

Overall I like both games, however I prefer some Zombie slaying to surviving the calculated waves of Man. I’d like to hear some of your opinions as well, feel free to comment and let me know! In time we might start streaming some survival sessions so keep your eyes peeled.


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