The Punisher is Doing Some Laundry

There has recently been quite a bit of buzz around the Marvel’s upcoming short film but it is not the only Marvel short that deserves our attention. Amidst the excitement of all of the new reveals and announcements of Comic Con a brand new Punisher short film titled Dirty Laundry was released. Dirty Laundry features a brief cameo from Ron Perlman and stars Thomas Jane who is once again taking on the role of Frank Castle after eight years since he played the role in the 2004 film. While it might have been close to a decade since he has taken on the role he was as great as ever.

The film might only be a little over ten minutes but I would go as far to say that it is the best Punisher adaption to hit the screen to date. While it is brief, it does an amazing job establishing a story. We see Frank perhaps a little out of his prime and we see him drifting away from being the Punisher. And then we see the Punisher in him come back in glorious fury.

That was another thing I loved about this short, the entire thing could have been one big action sequence but it wasn’t. Ninety percent of the short film is spent building and creating the setting and establishing where exactly the Punisher is. We see him living in his van and doing laundry in some beat up, chewed up laundromat, washing his torn up clothes full of holes. Not only does the short show what he has been up to but it also reminds me why I fell in love with the anti-hero in the first place. The short really shows off just how dark this character is and how unlike other heroes he is willing to kill in the name of justice punishment.

As awesome as the short was and regardless of how much I loved that it didn’t rely on action, it is the Punisher and I do expect some kick ass violence and spoiler alert: I was not disappointed. The entire time we are seeing Frank look the other way while atrocities are committed directly in front of him and even when confronted by the films primary antagonist he still does not rise to face the threat. But after a little inspirational conversation with Perlman’s character Frank grabs a bottle of Jack and proceeds on to kick some major ass in a manner that would Harley Morenstein proud. While this entire furious throw down does feel quite a lot like either a Jack Daniels or Epic Meal Time advertisement it is still incredibly stylish and well done. I also have to admit, if any product was going to be integrated into a movie to be utilized as a piece of weaponry a bottle of Jack Daniels would be on the top my list.

The thing that gets me most excited about Dirty Laundry are the implications it has on the rest of the Marvel universe. Over the past years we have seen Marvel building on the universe one movie at a time culminating in The Avengers. Now that The Avenger’s has been released and was a clear hit we are seeing them build on it even more now with the Phase 2 films coming out in the next few years. There have been a ton of rumors that the course that Marvel has chosen is going to eventually lead into the Civil War story arc. Now don’t get me wrong, words could not describe my excitement if this were to actually occur but the thing is Marvel is going to need to introduce the rest of world to quite a bit more heroes before doing so.

Now the reason that this short is so awesome is that it demonstrates that Marvel is more than capable of telling a strong story of a lesser known character in ten minutes. Regardless of whether or not Marvel is building towards the Civil War storyline it is clear that they are building on something with as many heroes and characters as possible and it is unrealistic to expect a full length movie for each one. These short films ultimately allow for Marvel to build on their universe in a cheap and quick fashion, exposing and introducing the world to new faces meaning that there is more and more that is on the table for them. For example now that they have recently made a Punisher film I kind of feel like it isn’t unreasonable to expect some sort of appearance from Thomas Jane’s Punisher in one of the many upcoming Marvel movies. While The Punisher isn’t an integral part of the Avengers, he is definitely an integral part of the Marvel universe and could very easily make a cameo, especially now that the character has been reestablished.

Ultimately, Dirty Laundry is one of the better short films I have seen in a little while and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys the character or super heroes in general. It is hands down the best Punisher adaptation to date. Dirty Laundry has got me hoping to see more of The Punisher in the future and has gotten me even more excited for Marvel’s upcoming short, Item 47. If Item 47 is anything like Dirty Laundry it is bound to be good.

With that being said be sure to check out the video and leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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