Isochrontrol & UG Infect

Kyle and I are both big fans of MTG but we have always found that we enjoyed it the most when playing cooperatively together. Recently we decided to build a couple synergistic Classic decks and play some games of Two-Headed Giant. Kyle had already been playing around with a UG Infect build so we decided he would play a fast infect build which is ideal for multi-player games where you are looking at a life total of 40. I had been toying around with some Isochron Scepter builds of late so I decided to make a control build around the scepter to compliment Kyle’s faster creature decks. While both decks are still being fine tuned we have found that this combination of decks works pretty dang well so we decided to record a couple games and toss ’em up. With that being said you can check out the first game below but be sure to check out games 2 & 3 over on our YouTube channel which can be found here!


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