Should you buy: Magic the Gathering: Online?

Are you big into play the Trading card game Magic the Gathering? Is making that awesome deck too expensive? Do you find yourself wanting to play a round of magic but no one is around? If you said yes to any of these questions then you might want to look into purchasing Magic The Gathering: Online.

Marshal (PowerCords Editor) was able to talk me into buying this game for $10 bucks and trying it out. At first I didn’t really enjoy playing the game because I couldn’t come up with a good deck idea to start me off with, but Marshal was quick to tell me about being able to buy/trade for cards at a cheap price. When he told me that, I pretty much fell in love with this game. I then took the opportunity to find my favorite magic deck that I had made in real life and see how much it would be to buy all the cards for it. The deck in real life cost me at least $50 bucks, but as I was picking out the virtual cards the total came to $10 bucks.

I made the deck and put it together after a little while of getting use to the menus. I was then ready to test out the deck. Marshal was the only one that had the game and he wasn’t on at the time so I opted to use the “Games” tab. There were a ton of people on making new games and joining others. So it was easy to find a game and test out my deck. Unfortunately I don’t think I won my first game because I played a red white agro deck that was too quick for me. That didn’t stop me I just went and jumped into a new game. Also I’m not that into it but if you are there is an option for tournaments and drafts you can get involved with.

The one thing that I would change about this game is the menu system. I’m not sure what it is about it but I found it hard to navigate and get used to. It was also a bit confusing trying to construct a deck in the deck maker they have. Even with having played magic for a few years now I still found it difficult to construct a brand new deck on here, my opinion is to go to a site such as to build a deck and then go buy the cards and play the deck on Magic Online.

Being able to buy cards really cheap and being able to play whenever you feel like it is so great. Like I said if you are into playing Magic the Gathering trading card game then you should give this game a go. Feel free to add me, Schieds, even though I am not on much at the time being because I am still enjoying Diablo 3.

I will be working on a deck list article in the next week or so, so all of you will have the pleasure of seeing my creation, and if you want to try it out or give suggestions.


One thought on “Should you buy: Magic the Gathering: Online?

  1. The answer to the title is yes you should buy it. Kyle I couldn’t agree more. The game in it’s entirety is awesome but the menus are cluttered and poorly designed. Hopefully it gets tweaked in the next client update

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