Diablo III: Still Hacking and Looting, 2 Months in.

Diablo 3 was the fastest selling game of all time and it has been 2 months since it was released. I have logged in around 150 hours of play time. That’s not as much as some people have, but it is a good chunk of time. I have had a first-hand experience at a handful of good things and a plethora of bad things. This includes a few things such as; glitches, gear and the auction house, and lastly repetitiveness of the end game.

The day the game was released there were plenty of glitches that were game breaking. The first one that comes to mind is trading your equip shield with your Templars equipped shield, this would crash your game and not allow you to do anything that was one of the worst. Another glitch not as bad as the first but it would still be extremely difficult to overcome is in Act 4 if you skipped the cinematic leading into the Izual fight there was a chance to spawn 2 Izuals making the fight a lot harder than intended. I read that on multiple occasions that there would be an elite monster that would be un-killable. Due to its randomly chosen abilities it would be able to take so much damage and keep healing so that you couldn’t kill it. That one is a little easier to fix just leave and make a new game or simply run past him. There were also some glitches that weren’t harmful like during the boss fight Zultan Kulle you were able to trap him on one side of where the bridge would spawn and you could make it to the other side and he would be trapped there making it easy for you to use your range skills to kill him. The last glitch I wanted to mention in this article was my personal favorite; it was the wizards healing hydra glitch. Now I never got a chance to abuse this glitch but when I found out about it I was extremely bummed that they removed it because in all technicality the way the skills were worded it wasn’t a “glitch”. It worked by having a high amount of “life on kill” and just spamming your hydra. The game recognized that when you spawned a new hydra it “killed” the old hydra which was 3 individual hydra heads therefore healing you for 3 times the amount of your “life on kill” (These are all the glitches I am going to cover in this article but if you want more let me know down below in the comments.)

Now to touch a bit on gear drops, and the Auction House (AH). This game is supposed to be about grinding to find the best gear, which it is, but if the best gear in the game has an extremely low drop rate and no one wants to spend days upon days to farm for it they will just farm for gold. Farming for gold allows the players to just buy the best gear in the game from other players off the AH. Now don’t get me wrong I love the AH and what it allows players to do but if you take away the “end game” players are going to get bored and stop playing. I have seen this first hand, during the first few weeks of launch there were tons of players online and when I log in nowadays all I hear in the chat rooms are crickets. Now I can’t say I’m not going to use the AH because I already have and I love it, but I am going to use it with caution. I am not going to buy best in slot items for my characters because it gives me nothing to do if I want to play the game. Unlike Diablo 2 where even if you had the best gear in the game you could always level a new character with a different spec.

If players are even more lazy and don’t want to farm for anything they can just spend their hard earned money in the Real Money Auction House (RMAH). The RMAH is a bit outrages right now with prices for a single items at $250 bucks. I don’t know a single person that would spend $250 on a single virtual item. If you wanted to spend world money to buy in game items than be my guest, but to be completely honest I think that Blizzard should only allow players to spend real world money on various amounts of gold and scrap buying items. Even though you would still technically be able to buy items with the gold you spent real world money on .This will make it so that the AH isn’t spread between 2 different Auction Houses and all the focus would be on just the one AH. This would mean finding a specific item would be much easier and that there would be competition for similar items making it so people would undercut each other and prices wouldn’t be outrageous.

Wizard Tank Spec

I touched just a tad on this but I wanted to say a few more words about Diablo 3’s “End Game”. Diablo as a game has never had a true end game. It was all about farming for hours either to get that perfect item that had perfect maxed stats or grinding to make it to level 99. Well since the level cap is set to 60 that was easy to achieve. The only real end game in D3 is to grind gear. We all knew that going into the game but I think we were also all hoping for it to be more entertaining because I seem to be hearing a lot of complaining about it being repetitive and boring. If you are getting bored with the game start toying with your spec. I am just now looking into playing my wizard as a tank and not a glass cannon and it has sparked a new interest in the game for me, because I have to go through the gear grind again since I need different stats than what my glass cannon spec needs.

I think in my personal opinion even with all the flaws and fixes that are going on I am really enjoying the game how it is. Yes it could be a bit more polished and more of an objective for an end game but I love it just the way it is. I feel like I am playing Diablo.


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