The Amazing Spider-Man: How did it hold up?

Power Cords writer Nick Nims is here to offer some quick thoughts on The Amazing Spider-Man

The new Spider-man movie, The Amazing Spiderman, featuring Andrew Garfield looked promising, but I had to go to my local theater to see for myself if a new Spider-man story is what the Marvel universe needed to revive the character after Spider-man 3 *shudders*. Man am I glad to say that even just as the movie started Andrew Garfield made a better spiderman at his worst moments, then Tobey Mcguire did at his best in any of the three movies he was in.This film is more fast paced, and the new Spider-man did flips and swings that you never saw in any of the previous films, but enough about comparing it to the older films.

The Amazing Spider-Man follows the storyline of “The Amazing Spiderman” comic series, which in the Marvel universe is the one that “actually” happens. You all know the “got bit by a spider, has super powers” blah blah blah, but The Amazing Spider-Man sticks to elements of the comic series, most notably Spider-Man’s use of Oscorp technology to create cartridge filled “web shooters” that allow him to swing from building to building, and that instead of the main love interest being Mary Jane Watson from the get go, it is his classmate Gwen Stacy.

Speaking of Gwen Stacy, I had read an interview that said Emma Stone (Gwen Stacy) would not take the roll unless in one of the films that Gwen would die. From Spider-Man fans all over the world there was a universal snort of approval, as this would be in keeping with the events of Gwen Stacy’s character arch in the comics.

Over all the film was good. I may have a biased opinion because I’m a huge Spider-Man fan, but I would tell everyone I know to go see this movie, because it is how Spider-Man should be: a cocky, misunderstood (not emo), amazing Spider-Man.

I was hoping I’d see a scene where Spider-Man would have run out of web shooters and say something along the lines of “OH NO! I’m out of web! going to have to finish this the old fashioned way” but I’m able to look past it.

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