Based off the Something Awful meme, slender man, Slender is a free-to-play survival horror game.

Slender starts off with little fanfare, plopping you in the middle of a dark forest at night, with the only goal being to find 8 pages scattered throughout the randomly generated woods, all the while being stalked by the shadowy figure, Slender Man. Slender features a first-person perspective, and allows you to only sprint and use a flashlight — both of which will slowly deplete with prolonged use. The lack of offensive or defensive actions leaves you feeling vulnerable, and as you collect the pages, sounds and music will slowly build, adding to the tension.

It only takes about 20 minutes to complete the game, if you’re not caught by Slender Man. Just like the Endermen of Minecraft (who are also based off the Slender Man mythos), looking at your pursuer while your flashlight is on will make him come for you. It makes turning on your flashlight to see in front of you a heart-racing affair. This is an extremely well-designed little game, as it creates such pure gameplay and horror experiences. Playing this alone, in the dark, with headphone on will probably cause mental degeneration and insanity — especially when you turn around and the dude is standing right behind you!

As a fan of survival horror games like Amnesia and Dead Space, Slender is a great little indie experience. Definitely check it out.

Slender is available as a free download here.


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