Chinese in Firefly

This September marks the ten year anniversary of the premiere of the popular science fiction show Firefly. The entire cast is already planning on a reunion at the upcoming Comic Con but YouTube star Harry Hanrahan kicked off the celebration early. Hanrahan’s YouTube channel is full of movie compilations such as collections of cinema’s best insults and threats and now to top off the list is a video full of every Chinese utterance in the 14 episodes of the show as well as Serenity. So check out the video below as well as to check out some of Hanrahan’s other videos, all of which are equally awesome.


2 thoughts on “Chinese in Firefly

  1. This is pretty sweet. Is it ever explained why they speak chinese? I assume it’s due to to number of people who speak it now, and in the future it just permeates.

    I should go back and re-watch the show and Serenity.

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