Check out this Legend of Zelda post-rock collection

It’s been a while since I posted about music; there’s been a handful of great releases, but I’ve been neck deep in games industry stuff for the past few months. As such, I feel compelled to give this section a bit more attention! So I’m gonna tell you lads and ladies about a wonderful post-rock collection of The Legend of Zelda remixes.

As a fan of The Legend of Zelda (well, a few entries in the series, at least), I’ve always loved the franchise’s iconic tunes. In fact, Ocarina of Time was the first game that really sucked me in, and is probably the biggest reason I’ve stuck with the medium all these years. I played through Ocarina time and time again, memorizing every cracked wall or hidden rupee, and getting every note of every song forever ingrained into my still-plastic brain. My younger brother even taught himself how to play the piano by learning the songs of Zelda by ear.

Today, I’m what some may call a “music nerd.” I enjoy music, the culture, and the atmosphere of it all, and I think I owe a lot of that to videogame music as it was the first type of music I really loved, memorized, and hummed to myself all day long, and The Legend of Zelda most of all.

It’s a rather important part of my family’s history, as strange as that may sound.

So when I learned that musician Cory Johnson had released a collection of post-rock Zelda tunes, I kind-sorta flipped out. Sufficed to say, hearing these songs — bursting at the seams with nostalgia and childhood memories — being filtered through the beauty, complexity and passion of post-rock is a joy. So far, this stands among my albums of the year — something I never say for videogame music (except for Metroid Metal’s Varia Suite). I would very highly recommend this collection to any and all Zelda fans or fans of the post-rock genre. And if you so happen to enjoy both, well I’m sure you’ll be very, very pleased.

And the best part? It’s completely free. Check it out.

(A special thanks to NUReviews for posting the collection.)


4 thoughts on “Check out this Legend of Zelda post-rock collection

      1. Why yes it does! We only began doing it last week, and we unfortunately have to skip this week since I’ll be out of town. But if you “like” the show at then we’ll update you on when we’ll be in the studio!

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