The Man from Earth Review

In preparation for Power Cords Top Ten Sci-Fi movie list I went out and looked at tons of other top ten sci-fi lists and watched movies that people deemed top ten worthy that I was unfamiliar with so that no movie worthy of our list would be left out. Out of the dozens I watched, there a quite few amazing ones, a few now so good ones, and there was The Man from Earth.

What it is: The Man from Earth is a 2007 science fiction movie written by Jerome Bixby and directed by Richard Schenkman who is best known for his films Went to Coney Island on a Mission from God… Be Back by Five (1998) and Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies (2012). The film stars David Lee Smith as John Oldman who is moving away from his friends and established life to start a new one elsewhere. As he is moving out though he decides to reveal to his closest friends a secret he has never told anyone before in his long life.

Why I dig it: One thing you should know about The Man from Earth is that it is more or less a bad movie. None of the actors do an amazing job and the writing and script is so forced and unnatural it is almost painful. On top of that there isn’t whole lot of action or excitement in the movie either. It is really just a long discussion or conversation that is then filmed and turned into a movie. The fact that the entire film is just dialogue accentuates how unnatural the writing is. It’s not that the writing is bad or cheesy it is just incredibly unnatural or smooth. The lack of events also means no climax or on edge scenes. Other than one tense scene it is really just pretty flat, it really was just one long scene. As a movie enthusiast I don’t like this movie but as a philosophical and scientifically inclined individual I absolutely adore it.

The Man from Earth proposes an idea. An incredibly exciting and enticing idea and then it goes on to discuss it for an hour. This is the one and only strong point for the movie but the thing is that the idea is strong enough to make up for all of the negative aspects.

I usually will write about a movie shortly after viewing it but this is one that I watched a couple months ago but simply could not get it out of my head. For all extensive purposes this is a bad movie but it is one that I have found to be incredibly memorable and vivid. Despite the lack of natural flow in the dialogue you still remember the conversations. The concept suggested stays with you and is one that you will be thinking about for weeks to come.

I thoroughly enjoyed this film but I realize it is definitely not for everyone. The entire movie is really just one big idea and not much else. For those individuals who prefer an exciting movie that will keep you entertained this is definitely not the movie for you. This is a movie for people who enjoy a thought provoking film because in all honesty thinking is all you are going to be doing while watching it. Definitely not the most entertaining movie ever but gives you an incredibly fun concept to ponder.

All in all The Man from Earth is a decent movie which I enjoyed. If you are looking for something entertaining and exciting this is not the movie for you. If you appreciate new and crazy ideas about science, life, humanity, and religion then you might want to check it out. Also just to be warned it suggests a couple things that are a bit sacrilegious so if you are of the Christian faith and easily offended you might want to pass on it as well.

So what is your guys’ opinion on the film? I only heard of it for the first time a couple of months ago and would to love hear what some other people’s thoughts were on it. Please leave your thoughts in the comments below!


3 thoughts on “The Man from Earth Review

  1. One of the best science fiction movies I have ever seen. I know other that will watch this and question my statement by the standard that there are no special effects in this movie. I feel this movie bypasses this with the dialog and the true nature of science fiction to explore the possibilities of science or in this

    1. I completely agree. Despite how much I ragged on this movie, it is one of my favorites and would love to see more made in this style. I really wish they could have found some way to add more of a narrative touch to it; maybe adding flashbacks or something that would play while the friends were discussing a particular topic and the flashback would kind of provide insight on said topic? idk

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