Power Cords Presents: Turok Week!

It’s summer, a time of year when I often find myself revisiting old franchises and old games. Since there’s not much on my radar as far as new releases come, I felt it was the perfect opportunity to go back and delve back into in one of my personal favorite franchises, Turok.

Turok has always been overlooked in a lot of ways – be it in games, comics, or even films, and that’s a shame. The premise for the entire franchise — a Native American warrior swept through time and space to a lost land populated by dinosaurs, savage tribes, mutant beasts, advanced technology and mystical beings  – seems like the perfect scenario for videogames, comics, and movies alike.

But due to things such as poor marketing, production delays and cancellations, and admittedly even some low-quality entries in the series, Turok has never quite found his place among the pantheon of comic book heroes he so justly deserves.

So, I’ve decided to do what I can to change that, and reach out to the power cords readers, filling you all in what the best comics and games in the series are, and show that Turok really is a great franchise.

You can expect new articles every day highlighting the best moments in the dinosaur hunter’s long life span, and where to start on your own journey to the Lost Land.

Let Turok Week begin!


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