Wreck-It Ralph Trailer

I have been seeing posters for Wreck-It Ralph in theaters for the past couple months and every time I saw one I found myself rather unenthused. But the trailer for the movie has recently been released and I have found my feelings toward this film rapidly changing. The second I saw some of my favorite villains from my favorite retro games popping up I knew this was not what I had been expecting. The thing that really got me about this was that they weren’t just going with some generic video game villains but actual copy righted ones! Everyone knows how fantastic that video game nostalgia is in a movie thanks to Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and based off the trailer it looks like we are going to be getting quite a bit of it in Wreck-It Ralph. While it might not end up being the best movie of all time it has definitely piqued my interest and it is a movie I am definitely excited about. So with that being said, check out the trailer below!

So what are your thoughts on the trailer? Are you stoked to see all of your favorite villains in a movie or are you worried that the movie might ruin them? Does it look awesome or stupid? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Also a dollar says Mario makes an appearance.


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