Dishonored: Revenge Solves Everything

About a week or so ago I stumbled upon a game being brewed up by Bethesda. Being a huge Bethesda fan I felt hard pressed to check it out. When I saw the trailer I was impressed by the cinematic’s and intrigued by the story line. Knowing how Bethesda makes games, they love to give you choices and options throughout the game, and thankfully there will be no change here. Although it’s a different game style than I’m used to seeing from them, it still seems like it should be a wonderful game.

“You are the once-trusted bodyguard of the beloved Empress. Framed for her murder, you become an infamous assassin, known only by the disturbing mask that has become your calling card. In a time of uncertainty, when the city is being besieged by plague and ruled by an oppressive government armed with neo-industrial technologies, dark forces conspire to bestow upon you, abilities beyond those of any common man – but at what cost? The truth behind your betrayal is as murky as the waters surrounding the city, and the life you once had is gone forever.” –

With a Premise like that, it’s sure to be an interesting game. Employing many of the same tactics as Assassin’s Creed, stealth, assassinations, a scent of that wall scaling, building climbing parkour themes as well as introducing a new twist. You’ve got magical powers!  I’m excited to check this game out, I never could get into Assassin’s Creed early on so I’m hoping some of the added mechanics and characteristics will help me enjoy it. Let me know what you think about the game!


4 thoughts on “Dishonored: Revenge Solves Everything

  1. I’m stoked about this game as well. I hope we see more of it at E3. I had trouble with getting into Assassin’s creed until recently when I finally played AC2, but even now the franchise hasn’t really stuck with me. Dishonored looks awesome, and I like the ways the gameplay is being pitched.

  2. After the steady decline of Bethesda during the last few years i am not thrilled anymore by the sheer mentioning of the company. Sorry. They started out very great and big with Fallout3 ond the PS3. Then New Vegas, a very effortless Addon, was released as a fullprice retail game. I felt tricked and cheated. Then they released Brink where no one really knows WHY they had to hop on the shooter-bandwagon, too. There are others out there who are doing a much better Job at Onlineshooters. And finally, they dared to bring Skyrim with the very dated Fallout-Engine. The graphics, once the best thing about Elder Scrolls Games, were mediocre at best and the quest-system and lockpicking minigames really need a slight redo nowadays. Their RPG-mechanics are dusty and rusty and need a complete do-over.
    For the next gen i have learned my lesson: Only the first Game by Bethesda will be a blind purchase. Every other game from Bethesda that will follow will only milk the then-existing engine. Not exactly what i am in for as a gamer.

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