Power Cords Update: Retro Reviews!

Hey readers, quick update,

So here at Power Cords, we do our best to stay up to date on the current games, movies, and media coming our way. But, as it’s probably rather evident in our coverage and reviews, there’s only so much a small handful of busy college students can do on their own. I’m sure you’ve noticed Marshal’s excellent reviews of movies from year’s past, so I (Brendan) have decided I will start doing the same thing for games from past generations in an effort to keep content flowing on the blog.

This new review format will effectively end our “Game/Movie of the Week” posts, giving us the ability to update more frequently, and write about games and movies whether we “like” them or not; Whenever we have a game, movie, album, board game, magic set, etc. that we wish to review, we’ll throw it up here, regardless of how many others we’ve done this week.

When it comes to games specifically, older titles will fall under the new “Retro Review” title. This is just to denote it’s an older game, it’ll still follow the same format for review that a recently released title would receive, and will be available in our reviews page once it’s up and running again.

Anyway, thanks for reading. You can check out our first Retro Review here, on A Link to the Past. Be on the lookout for more Retro Reviews in the near future!



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