Power Cords on Diablo 3’s record-breaking success.

Last week’s release of Diablo 3 was a milestone for PC gaming. Not only did it mark the series’ return after nearly 12 years, it also set the record for being the fastest selling PC game to-date, selling over 3.5 million copies in its first day, breaking Amazon’s pre-order record, and has now gone on to sell nearly 6.3 million within its first week. After factoring in online sales, there is a total of about 7.7 million people playing Diablo 3 (that’s nearly half of WoW’s subcriber base at its peak numbers).

And these numbers don’t even include Korean sales, where the game is reportedly the most played game in the country right now, with about 39 percent of the nation’s gamer population logging in daily. That’s a huge number.

We’re no Korea, but I can say Diablo 3’s certainly been one of the most played games by the Power Cords/Powercast team.

This is obviously a massive achievement for Blizzard. Not only do they have the most played MMO — strike that, most currently played PC game period — World of Warcraft, and the highly successful RTS Starcraft 2, but they now also have the fastest selling PC game ever and undoubtedly the most played action RPG with Diablo 3.

It’s clear Blizzard have talent and eye for quality games. In fact, with the sole exception of Valve, Blizzard is the one development studio pushing PC games forward, despite the fact a small, vocal minority seems to have taken offense to the game’s online features.

I’m very curious to see how the game will persist over time (considering Diablo 2 was played for almost 12 years), especially with the inclusion of the real-money auction house soon. It’s off to an incredibly strong start, so who knows just how many copies Diablo 3 will sell in its lifetime.

What are you thoughts on Diablo 3’s record-breaking sales? Are you one of the millions currently clicking away? Let us know in the comments, or email us at askpowercords@gmail.com

ps. If you’d like to play with me (Brendan) you can find me at EyeAmAhab#1247 on battle.net


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