Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels Review

Over the years I have always had mixed feelings about Guy Ritchie. While Snatch was absolutely incredible, Sherlock Holmes and Revolver were both entertaining and well done but nothing special and RocknRolla I honestly just didn’t like. I came into Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels not knowing what to expect and came away with one of the best crime movies I have ever seen and renewed faith in the Ritchie.

What it is: Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels is Ritchie’s first full length film and my personal favorite out all of his. The story follows a group of English lads as they try to get enough money to pay off one of the friends large debt owed to someone you don’t want to owe money to. What follows is some of the most entertaining criminal activity in one of the best gangster/crime movies ever made.

Why I dig it: LS&2SB is an awesome movie. I have always felt that the crime genre was one where it was relatively difficult for a movie to standout from the bunch and perhaps that’s what makes this movie so great. It brilliantly distinguished itself and does so without sacrificing any of the classic elements of a great gangster movie such as sex, drugs, guns, and tons of violence. LS&2SB differentiates itself by having an incredibly entertaining plot. There are so many back and forths and volleys between drugs and money and guns and goods you have to laugh. The movie has a sub theme of luck, and this theme is very present in most of the happenings of the film. Throughout the movie there are countless dumb-luck miracles that are just on the edge of believability.

And while the events make for an incredibly entertaining movie it’s the characters that really seal the deal. Every single character is absolutely fantastic. While none are deeply developed, which is to be expected from an action-gangster film such as this, every single character on the roster is incredibly colorful and memorable. Everybody stands out and everyone has their time to shine. It’s not only the individual characters which are awesome but the interactions and dialogue between all of them couldn’t be more entertaining.

That is another strongpoint for the film. It is incredibly entertaining. I feel kind of stupid saying that because of course any good movie aims to entertain but in the case of this movie the word entertaining just feels more right than when applied to others. I call this entertaining because during all of the awesome gangster shenanigans throughout the film I just found myself laughing the entire time. While I would never label LS&2SB a comedy its hard not to smile at the constantly clever dialogue and ridiculous happenings.

All in all LS&2SB is a great movie. It’s clever, action packed, fast paced and incredibly well written. In between the near constant slews of quotable lines is some of the most entertaining, exciting, enthralling situations I have seen in a movie in quite some time. While not a movie you will spend anytime doing any deep analyzing or interpreting for, it is an incredibly entertaining action flick and one of my new favorites. I would recommend this to anyone who even remotely enjoys crime or gangster movies.



2 thoughts on “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels Review

  1. Dude, great review. This is such a great movie, I’m glad you dug it too. Probably one of the best gangster/crime films. Also, I didn’t know Guy Ritchie also did Snatch — makes a ton of sense in hindsight though.

  2. Guy Ritchie is probably my favorite of all! I love this movie and snatch and Rock’n’Rolla is another fantastic one you should check out. Great review!

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