The Art of the Instakill

CorridorDigital is YouTube duo Sam and Niko who specialize in VFX and making cool video game and other action oriented shorts. While dang near everything they make is entertaining and worth checking out their most recent video, Art of the Instakill, is particularly awesome. The 2 minute video is kind of a compilation of all of the most awesome and classic “instant kills” featured in several of our favorite games. Check out the video below!

Check out CorridorDigital’s youtube page here as well as their other channel, samandniko which kind of goes behinds the scenes in some of their videos as well as showing off some of their other happenings.

So what are some of your favorite instant kills? I know I personally love the Lancer saw-in-half one from Gears of War but what are some of the other classics? Leave your thoughts and favorites in the comments below!


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