The Legend of Korra: how has it held up so far?

Since the show is 4 episodes in, I felt it would be worth discussing how I feel about the show thus far. The Legend Of Korra has done nothing but impressed me and all of my friends who have had the chance to watch the show.

The time period that the show is set in is perfect to tell an original story in the avatar universe. The problems that Korra faces are nothing like the ones that avatar Aang or any other avatar before him has had to face. Does the world need an avatar? What kind of path will Korra follow? Will she continue to work for the task force of tarlock, or will she spend her time fighting in the pro-bending arena? All these options leave interesting stories that could unfold, and the best part is that I have no idea what will happen!

The use of bending in the expanse of industry I thought was also a nice touch. Watching Mako lightning bend at a power plant I thought was genius. But the with all this expanse of industry and a society building in republic city the question still arises, does the world still need the avatar? That is something I believe the creators are trying to put into our heads, but we will find soon enough that they need Korra more then they thought. Republic city may think that they don’t need Korra, but I believe Korra can save the world.

Overall this show has impressed me in every way and I see no future where that will change. Everything from the style and setting of the show, to the fact that it is geared towards and older audience has made this series nothing short of amazing, and a perfect sequel to the original show.

Although the show may be amazing. I always find myself wanting more. After doing a bit of searching online I found these guys over at who do a weekly podcast reviewing and discussing Things about the episode of Korra that comes out that week. They are a great group of guys that ask all the same questions we have about the show, and are just overall fun to listen to and watch. You can find them on blogspot, youtube, and facebook. If you could like their facebook page and subscribe to them on youtube I’m sure it would mean alot to them, and tell them sent you!

I linked one of their youtube videos at the bottom of this article so you guys can check them out!


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