Hey-o! Double Fine concept video leaked online.

Have the first images of Double Fine’s newest project been leaked online?

The Verge’s gaming site, Polygon.com, has reported that a new video appeared on Vimeo today under Double Fine game studio’s account, then mysteriously vanished. It showed.. well not much at all. A lumberjack-like character walks through the woods, then enters a cabin. That’s about it. There have been images dismissing it as nothing more than a test, but I’d like to hope the character will appear in the game.

David Ellis of 343 Industries, who are currently working on Halo 4, Tweeted about the curious video, and Tim Schafer of Double Fine suspiciously Tweeted back “You imagined it!”

Is that so, Mr. Schafer? Then what is THIS!?

This news of course begs one simple questions: is this the first of Double Fine’s new Kickstarter-Funded adventure game? Only time will tell. I could most certainly get behind a lumberjack-themed game. I have an affinity for beards and flannel — it’s in my blood.

Be sure to let us know what you think of these happenings in the comments!


One thought on “Hey-o! Double Fine concept video leaked online.

  1. Well, let’s say you’re an indie studio of 15 deoelvpers, right? So let’s say everyone makes $50,000 a year. That means you need $750 000 just to bring food to the table for a year. Usually, with a team of 15 people you might make your game in 1-3 years. Kickstarter is a way to start your project, it’s usually not enough to make a game.That’s not counting the software, hardware, licensing, assets, marketing and other costs. Kickstarter can do just that Kickstart, and indeed, a lot of games on Kickstarter are there to collect around $200,000 just so they can prove to the publisher that people want their game.Another thing is people judge your game. Obviously, the success depends on a lot of things, like previous games (in Double Fine’s case) and marketing. But I feel like a lot of gaming sites that do share Kickstarter projects (the *ahem* better ones), award innovation in the projects.In any case, a cool stylised indie game with innovative mechanics is probably going to get more money than a mediocre MMS.I also think that they’re more motivated, because they’ve got their players’ money in their hands. They’re not working for a faceless corporation who is going to pay them anyways, they’re working for their own audience, one of the most satisfying and without doubt the most horrifying people to work for because if you fuck up, if you throw away your players’ money they will rip you apart. X developer makes shitty game after fans collected $1,000,000 is a headline any gaming journalist is excited about.People also aren’t likely to pledge money to a game if the developer didn’t provide them with a lot of screen-shots and videos. So it’s hard to collect enough money based on a scam. (unless you’re using CGI, but then you need to make ~10-20 minutes of CGI content and at that point you might as well make the rest of the game).Apart from the possible scam, I don’t see it as a problem. In fact it’s a nice alternative way to fund your game. Certainly, one Kickstarter scam isn’t going to ruin the industry, and you can’t say it’s bad so many games get picked up by larger publishers and/or created because of Kickstarter. And that is good.Sorry for the huge unconnected mess this comment appears to be. Indolence is my only excuse.

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