Tupac at Coachella. How I felt about his return from the dead.

After 16 years, tupac made a appearance to sing two songs next to his old friends Dr.dre and Snoop Dogg. Digital domain is the production company that brought Pac to life, which is the same company that was responsible for creating a young Jeff Bridges in the new “Tron” movie (which after hearing that makes perfect sense).  Although digital domain wont release information about how the hologram is created they did say a hologram of this caliber could range anywhere from $100,000 to $400,000 to create.

Not being the biggest tupac fan to begin with, I wasn’t as moved by his return as I’m sure others were. If it were up to me John Bonham would have made a ghostly reappearance to play “Moby Dick” with the other members of Zeppelin one last time, or maybe “A Whole Lotta Love.” But I digress. Though gangster rap isn’t typically on my list of music in my zune library, the amazing realism they were able to put on stage is mind blowing. Not only was this an all new performance from Mr.Shakur, he also said “whats up coachella?!” and was able to converse back and forth at Snoop gesturing to him like he was there in the flesh.

But just as quickly as he came back, he vanished in a white light and faded back into our memory. If you guys could have a artist come back from the grave to do a concert, who would you choose and why? Also go ahead and look at the performance below!


3 thoughts on “Tupac at Coachella. How I felt about his return from the dead.

  1. It’s pretty amazing how lifelike it is. Thing is, something about it worries me. I just find the idea of an artist being used without their consent opens up some legal and ethical issues. In this instance, I definitely don’t see any harm done — it’s actually pretty cool — but there’s potential for misuse.

    But all that aside, we’re basically living in a sci-fi world now. Which is so rad.

    1. Shortly after posting this I found an interview from the leader of the project that said they used a new type projection system that pumps out and amazing amounts of light to create the 3-D image, and I can only think how amazing it must have been actually there in the crowd. Thats when I think this new technology would really shine. You bring up a good point though. when it comes to ethics and such where do we draw the line on bringing artists back from the dead to do concerts?

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