New Prometheus Viral Video: Happy Birthday David

It is redundant to say that Ridley Scott is king of sci-fi with futuristic masterpieces such as Alien and Blade Runner. It is these classics that really contribute to the excitement surrounding his return to the genre with the upcoming summer release, Prometheus. I understand that many people at this point are going cold turkey on everything Prometheus related so nothing gets ruined for them but there has recently been a new viral video released that everyone interested in the film should watch. The short video doesn’t spoil anything plot related but rather just builds on Michael Fassbender’s character which I believe is named David. He is playing an android who is presumably the same model if not an earlier one as Ian Holm’s Ash from the original Alien meaning that it could be subject to some of the same problems Ash experienced. The video does an excellence job setting the tone for his character as well as showing off just how creepy this new android is going to be. Check out the video below!


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