Crysis 3! It’s coming!

Last week I commented on the rumors that Crysis 3 was going to be unveiled, citing my hopes for a return to the jungle and sandbox gaming, as well as my excitement for seeing more for this series.

Well, it looks like those wishes were granted.

As you may have seen on numerous gaming news outlets, Crysis 3 has been officially revealed, along with new sceens and details on the game.

Crysis 3 will return players to the jungle of New York — not the concrete jungle, but the honest-to-goodness jungle. It seems as though Crysis 3 will be a mashup of both the urban and tropical settings from the previous games, creating a unique landscape to experience. According to the game’s website, New York has been encased in a “Nano Dome”, turning the city into a wilderness of grasslands, dense forests and canyons, and the subway system into a deep labyrinth of caves.

“You’ll need to plan for any situation in the wreckage of the city. With the dome overhead and alien technology on the loose there’s no telling what challenges you’ll face. So, you better be ready to use every situation and environment to your advantage, because you won’t get a second chance. It’s a jungle out there.”

This new setting will combine the sandbox gameplay and tropical setting of the first Crysis, with the intense urban set pieces from its sequel. Players will take the role of Prophet (which is surprising given the event of Crysis 2), and will be armed with a high-tech bow, as well as Nano Suit abilities, and plenty of other weapons.

On top of that, Crysis 3 will be powered by Crytek’s new Cry Engine 3, promising to continue the series’ tradition of pushing graphics fidelity further, and with less hardware requirements.

Personally, I am extremely excited for this game, and it’s been a while since I’ve said that about a first person shooter. In fact, between Crysis 3 and Far Cry 3, I’ve actually become interested in the FPS genre once again.

We’re sure to hear a lot more about the upcoming game between now and it’s tentative Spring 2013 release window, but for now, peek these awesome screen shots:


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