Crysis 3?

So you’ve probably heard  about Crysis 3 listings being leaked on Origin, and rumors that CVG and Swedish gaming mag Games Reactor will soon be unveiling big news on the Crysis franchise, so it’s only safe to assume it means Crysis 3.

For those who don’t know, Crysis is a FPS series made by Crytek, the same studio who made the original Far Cry (one of my personal favorites).

The leaked box art certainly looks Crysis-y:  the nano suit, what looks like a city in the back ground…

… AND A  BOW!?

HOLD THE PHONE. The game has a bow? Forget what we’d like to see in Crysis 3, somebody get a Kickstarter going for a new Turok game! GO! GO! GO! But in all seriousness, I’m excited to see more from Crysis 3. But I really hope they go back to the jungle (though the box art seems to depecit yet another city, rumored to be london). I just prefered the jungle setting, I mean think about it:

Stalking dinosaurs the enemy faction in dense, beautiful Crytek Engine jungles. Sneaking behind a patrol unawares, drawing back your bow and landing a perfectly shot arrow into a raptor your target, you turn on stealth and super speed and book it out.

How could that not but awesome? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. But as far as the gameplay goes, I’m sure the upgrades to the formula and gameplay mechanics of Crysis 2 will show up in 3 (if not expanded upon), and they’v probably figured out yet another way to get better graphics out of lower requirements — good news for everyone.

Bring this back!

I just worry that the series has gone permanently urban. Makes sense from a marketing perspective, but I’d be disappointed. Crysis 2 had strong gunplay and great set pieces, but I miss the openness of the jungle, and the odd juxtaposition of death and war against the picturesque paradise. As much as I hate to pidgeon hole Crytek, they’re good at jungles, open environments, and stealth gameplay — I’d love to see more of that!

But why am I worrying? The game has a bow! Bows make everything better…

… I miss Turok.

How about you guys? Stoked for Crysis 3? What’d you like to see in the rumored sequel? Cool with the urban setting, or do you want a return to the jungle –or something else entirely? And while we’re at it, who else totally wants to see a new Turok game??


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